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School History

Dr. John Kimball

We are honored that our school is named after Dr. John C. Kimball. Dr. Kimball was an honored member of the Tracy community who was passionate about serving those around him. 

If you talk to members of the Tracy community, you will find many  whose lives have been touched by Dr. Kimball. Stories recalling that he was their family doctor for years, stories of him making house calls, and most notably, stories about his caring nature. Facial expressions and smiles as these stories are recounted reveal the love and gratitude this community holds for Dr. Kimball. 
Dr. Kimball believed in the education of all students and he believed in supporting students in their efforts to achieve academic success. For many years, Dr. Kimball supported the teams of Tracy High School by freely giving athletes their annual physicals. He donated his time serving at football games as the doctor of record; there to attend to athletes should there be any injuries. His generosity was not limited to the students of Tracy High School. Upon the opening of Merrill F. West High School, Dr. Kimball again assisted the school by providing physicals to their athletes as well. 
Dr. Kimball continued his support for our youth through his contributions to Kimball High School. He worked with staff, contributing to the process of building a strong academic program that serves the students of Tracy. We are truly fortunate to have been named after such a fine person and to have had his assistance in the creation of our school.