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Tardy Policy/Attendance

Unexcused Tardies
Every instructional minute counts and student tardiness interferes with the learning process. Please be respectful of your teacher and fellow classmates and be on time to class.

A tardy is defined as arrival to class after the tardy bell rings. Students must be in their seats when the tardy bell rings.

Teachers may give classroom consequences for tardies, which should include natural consequences. Teachers will outline their consequences in their syllabus.

School Messenger will automatically phone parents alerting them each time their student is tardy. If you feel you have received a message notifying you of a tardy, in error, please contact your child’s teacher.

Students who reach the following cumulative number of tardies in a quarter will receive the following administrative consequence in addition to the teacher’s consequence:




Conference with student and parent contact


Administrative Meeting, District Attendance Review Team (School Attendance Review Team??) Contract for Tardies, Loss of off campus pass, assign Administrative Detentions


Administrative Meeting, Activity Restriction, Administrative Detention


Pre – SARB Procedures

Number of Unexcused Absences


3 days/24 periods of unexcused absences

Initial Truancy Letter sent home

6 days/48 periods of unexcused absences

Second Truancy letter. Parent meets with the site administrator

9 days/66 periods of unexcused absences

Third Truancy letter. Parents meet with the site administrator.